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Tim Beyers

Writer and Analyst

Tim Beyers is a professional freelance writer and analyst who covers disruptive ideas in technology and entertainment. He's a regular contributor to The Motley Fool, where he also serves as a stock analyst for the market-beating Motley Fool Rule Breakers newsletter service and as a portfolio contributor to the Motley Fool Supernova real-money Odyssey I portfolio. As a writer, his work also appears regularly at AOL DailyFinance. He's also written for Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Writer's Digest, and 5280, Denver's top business magazine. Prior to launching his writing career, Tim was a PR and marketing consultant to a wide range of global companies, including Intuit, Sun Microsystems, Sequoia Capital, and Rideau Recognition Solutions. At Finger, he helps clients discover and articulate the stories that set them apart.

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