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Carrol Van Stone

PR Strategist

For 13 years, Carrol Van Stone has been a publicist, media strategist and keynote coach for entrepreneurs, companies and public policy initiatives positioning their images, brands, and issues for media coverage which has had a dramatic influence on their awareness and growth. Beginning her career as a top level executive secretary, Carrol Van Stone developed an instinctual shrewdness on knowing when to move her bosses and their programs into the limelight and when to back them out. Her success translated into the PR world by weaving her clients into the headlines of the day by finding a relevancy between the news cycle and executive expertise. Her unique style of opinion-leader publicity during breaking news has become her trademark formula.


ProNicaragua, the public-private partnership, established to foster investment to the Country of Nicaragua contracted Carrol Van Stone to generate awareness and positive influence in the media for the ratification of CAFTA. After CAFTA became law, she remained their U.S. media liaison generating hundreds of placements working with two Nicaraguan administrations for over 4 years.


In 2010, The World Bank contracted Carrol Van Stone shortly after the devastating Haiti earthquake to generate media coverage that would drive public awareness on the need to help the collapsed apparel manufacturing economy by increasing trade preference levels for investors. She secured 33 media placements in 3 months which had a significant impact on the swift passage of legislation called the HAITI-HELP Bill by Congress and signed by President Obama.


Since launching her freelance PR business, Carrol Van Stone has helped dozens and dozens of companies across multiple business sectors increase name recognition, build brand-equity, attract investors/partners, secure industry leader recognition, and dramatically improve revenues through visibility during the headlines. By positioning her clients as voices in the media, and as industry columnists themselves, she has successfully positioned her clients as authorities to the press and leaders in their industries. From small niche blogs to major cable news and above the fold features in major international daily newspapers -- Carrol Van Stone brings her shrewd, savvy & ambitious approach to create needle-moving visibility for companies and execs she represents.


Dubbed the Bulldog of Publicity and a Mad Fiend of Media Strategy, Carrol Van Stone holds a B.A. from Florida Atlantic University, has guest lectured at the graduate school at Hood College, and is interviewed regularly on publicity topics offering PR tips, tactics and techniques.

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